Time Management / Schedule Efficiency / Task Management

Meeting Management System

Meeting Management System (MMS) caters to the Minister's (of the Ministry of Economy and Planning of Saudi Arabia) time management, more specifically his appointments, emails, and tasks with particular focus on the appointments team. In the research phase, gaps were identified and proposals made for fixing those gaps, based on the teams understanding from extensive stakeholder interviews. Those proposals formed the basis for a vision that later helped conceive a web based system aimed at improving HE’s time management, a result of thorough design thinking and use context analysis.
Project Details

Client: Ministry of Labor and Social Development, KSA

Keywords: Meeting Management, Task Management, Schedule Efficiency, Time Management

The aim of this project was to change the way H.E. distributes his time and show the way his Office and his Ministry are claiming his time. By doing so, H.E. is able to focus more on the role he should be playing: being a visionary leader, that has time to REACH OUT - providing direction, motivating and inspiring people ‘on the work floor’ both in his Office and his Ministry, but also across the Kingdom and abroad.
The primary objective of this project was to improve Minister's time management. The main reason for that was him being working unsustainably long days. Reducing the amount of time necessary to “run the machine” freed up time for H.E. to perform the role he should be performing more efficiently. Before MMS happened, most of his time was taken up by acting as an “Operations Director”.

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