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Key Expectations

The Innovation & Design group (aka the creative bunch) at Araamis is looking for a UX Associate Manager in Riyadh. We have the following key expectations from you (we have others as well but let’s keep that for later):

  • You are great at transforming experiences people have with technology
  • You are extremely passionate about improving the experience of users as well as people around the users
  • You continuously seek to enhance the process of designing great user experiences
  • You can think beyond the screen when it comes to experience
  • You can make people say “ UX is amazing. How do I become a UX designer”?
  • The term hard working doesn’t apply to you, because you enjoy UX so much
  • Extreme Focus on Innovation: You are always seeking to break boundaries of what UX is and could be

You will be working with a team of passionate designers & innovators from all over the world (and some outside as well !). The work we do has the potential to create significant impact in Saudi Arabia and your work will contribute largely to that impact. It is possible your work will in viewed and/or used by key ministers and the people of Saudi Arabia !

Your Responsibilities

You will specifically do the following (but not limited to):

  1. Develop UX project and engagement proposals, plans, and scope
  2. Develop UX strategy for the given brief/problem and lead its execution
  3. Lead and manage UX projects and teams
  4. Ensure excellence in the quality of deliverables, and ensure that they meet the brief; client’s needs and adhere to design standards and principles
  5. Collaborate directly with clients before & during projects and conduct related presentations & workshops
  6. Craft and Communicate the Project/UX design story for Clients and Users
  7. Manage relationships with business clients and partner development teams
  8. Continuously scan and leverage trends that affect experience such as IOT, ubiquitous computing, AI, behavioral economics etc

Desired Skills and Experience

  1. 8 years of Strong UX Design experience, 5 of which should include “Leading and executing UX projects"
  2. Expertise in all aspects of end to end UX design process and delivery
  3. Strong business acumen- Can Translate business rationale into UX and vice versa
  4. Strong leadership and communication Skills
  5. Understanding of both English and Arabic is a plus

Educational Qualifications:

A Bachelors Degree in a UX related fields such as Interaction Design, Communication Design, HCI etc. A Masters Degree is preferable.

If it sounds exciting and interesting, please email your resume and portfolio to servicedesign@araamis.com